April 11, 2006

Back at the computer but I am getting my marking started again too.

I have really been procrastinating on this marking. I got at it again this morning. This part I am doing now is the last large problem to mark. After marking this problem the rest of the marking will not take long. I had hoped to get this done by today. I want to take it back to school this afternoon.

I am working as an exam proctor this Thursday. I will work at two exams that day. Since I will be on campus that day and that day is also a pay day, I will also buy some printer ink and some paper to use for my own exam. My own exam will be working on the computer analysing data. I will also have some theory work which I will have do in latex. I will have three days to complete the exam and must work on it on my own although I am allowed to use any books I want. Also I have budgetted two hours a day to studying for this exam for six days starting this past Saturday. That means up to today I need to do about 8 hours but have only done 1 hour. I was going to take a two day break after the six days and then go back to studying two hours a day for five days but now I will not have that break.

Posted by petert at April 11, 2006 05:07 AM


How's your injury? Hope it's gettin better everyday.
take care & be well.

Posted by: Anette at April 11, 2006 09:51 AM

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