April 13, 2006

I got my last major marking assignment completed yesterday.

Good news I finally got the last large marking assignment completed yesterday. I woke up at a little past midnight Wednesday morning. I got some marking done in the morning.

I then went to some training with other consumers. We learned about systemic advocacy. This four day workshop spread out over five weeks will end with us all going to see a politician. So we are organizing around information on our government income support and also the other issue we will work on is workshops, talks, and lectures for consumers. So with these two issues identified we will move forward. We are being guided by two professionals from service agencies.

After this morning workshop Wednesday I went to school and completed the marking and got it to the professor. More good news the graduate student director who schedules and hires all the TA's in the school of mathematics and statistics said he needs me to apply to work this summer. So there will be work this summer which is very solid news for me.

I am working today as an exam proctor. I won't have to use a computer at work today. In fact, it will mostly be walking, as I patrol the rows of exam tables. but today will be a first as my workload has been increased in this work to two exams in one day. So today I will work in the afternoon and again in the evening. My partner just made me a sandwich for supper. I will do a little more email and blogs this moring then get my partner some beer money and then go to work for about 1:00 PM.

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