April 20, 2006

I did work yesterday as planned. My TA work is completed for another term.

I did work at two exams yesterday. I also wisely booked off an exam proctoring shift for this morning. I knew that waking up late yesterday morning and missing advocacy training would mean I would want to be up late. Rather than stay up all night and work in a very tired frame of mind I booked it off. I learned something I think that I don't have to do every job there is especially because, this job pays so little just minimum wage. In fact, I worked for two hours yesterday marking as well as proctoring and marking pays better. So I got my TA work done for the winter term. This work does not start again until late May. So yesterday I worked for a total of 9 hours so no wonder I am still up late from that.

I have applied for some government jobs and will find out about those at the end of the month. One job is as a civilian with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police which my new law BA qualifies me for.

Posted by petert at April 20, 2006 03:55 AM


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