April 20, 2006

I booked off the union meeting too.

I have been up all night and rather than attend the union meeting today I am going to sleep in a few hours. I got a lot of computer projects done overnight. I took apart a computer and replaced a hard drive with a larger one. By doing this myself I saved 90$ an hour on getting it done at the local Macintosh store. I also just managed the bills and started to prepare the income report for the month just past. I also read a little about mad women and the law and will be reading more of this book which includes pieces about the sexism and hetrosexism of the DSM. The final piece written by an anti-psychiatric activist and feminist suggests combining movements to better the condition of mad women. I am just about to surf the government job openings web site before checking the postal mail.

Posted by petert at April 20, 2006 10:56 AM


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