April 24, 2006

There is a short two day conference on criminology at my school in early May.

I will be attending some academic events in the next few weeks. I am going to attend a criminology conference at my school put on by some law department professors. This is in a couple of weekends from now. I will also attend next week a user group for some software I am using at school. The user group will meet at a hotel downtown. I have been doing a little more reading during my exam to relax. I am reading about digital culture. I also met with a graduate school professor on Friday and the meeting went well. She suggests I will find topics to write about in the graduate school courses rather than come in with my own topics. I intend to accept this and will keep an open mind next year.

I am applying to study systems science next year in grad school at another university in this city. I need to still pay for the application but the referees have filled in their forms and the application has been filled out and submitted. So the payment is the last detail needed.

I am feeling quite good about school work. My exam is going well. I am may be taking the summer off my own studies. Although I am considering studying some music, or math or sociology this summer. I might also take a law course. I will most probably be working as a teaching assistant again this summer in statistics.

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