May 02, 2006

I managed to have regular length days for about 8 days now.

You may remember a few weeks ago I began to be worried about being manic when being awake for longer than 20 or 24 hours. I noticed this more concretely and have been able to take healing action. My solution in early recovery and while in hospital to many problems is to get rest. So this past couple of years of late nights and 20-36 hour days was not good for my journey in recovery. It has been good for my work and study habits but not good for my mind. I was able to get regular length normal sleeping hours for the past 8 days or so. I have not been angry much in this time. So this may have prevented me becoming bi-polar for now. I am not quite correct because on Saturday night last I did stay up until Sunday but instead of just staying awake I napped. Both an RCMP recruit and an old Sargent Major have advised me that to be awake long hours the best way of handling it it is to take little power naps. So where am I am going with this? For the next few days I will revert back to longer days but really only a few twenty hours days in a row with one turn of the clock by Saturday and the night I will be up all night until 10 AM is the Wednesday night/Thursday morning. So for today and also Wednesday I will wake up late in the morning and then Friday I will awake early perhaps Thursday late at night. Then I will also be up early on Saturday and Sunday. I work next on Friday. Today I am training for some health and safety committee work. So today I must wake up around 10 AM and I have already about half an hour ago taken my 6 mg of risperadol and am feeling a bit tired and will sleep soon. I have stopped my computer project for the night and am just doing some blog entries and accounting before I sleep.

Posted by petert at May 2, 2006 12:54 AM


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