May 04, 2006

Another crazy late night project started that actually is an original solution to our(nature's) mess

We have an air conditioner. But we also have pigeons on the balcony. I think some people see us as nuts because we don't do much about the pigeons. The air conditioner has come out of the balcony window for two years now over winter. That is how long we have had it. It always comes out full of pigeons droppings. They sit and poop on the top of it. This year back in February I got to designing a cover for it that would keep the droppings out of the vents. I consulted another consumer with an engineering background and he suggested I needed to create a 45 degree angle cover that the birds could not stand on. I thought about this but figured that I just need to cover the vents to avoid the poop. His solution does more though it actually keeps the birds off the air conditioner period.

Last night I invited a near by consumer to help me put the air conditioner in the window for the year. I took out the frame from storage and realised I needed to clean it. I started that and probably poisoned myself cleaning it. I didn't finish the cleaning and realised this would take longer so I let my consumer friend go back home, as he has an early morning job conselling appointment. After he left I stopped cleaning.

I then started building this self designed cover. I had some garbage picked 1"X1"80" wood pieces and did an on the fly design in my head and cut some of the wood into the correct lenghts for the design. I am going to attempt to build the 45 degree cover the other consumer suggested and then cover the whole thing in chicken wire. I put some of the pieces together, with some hardware I had bought years ago for a computer rack, I was going to build but never completed. I reduced the amount of noise I made sawing by using a hand saw and also saved energy.

So the project of putting the air condtioner into the window for another year is started. The two sub projects, the cleaning of the air conditioner and the building of the pigeon cover are also started. I lost interest in this and started to work at the computer but may complete some more of the cleaning this morning. I have to clean both the frame and the machine itself. Yes I am crazy and dangerous for not cleaning last fall when it came out of the window but that's that. I am now taking action. I would like to complete the frame cleaning this morning and also some more of the building of the cover. May be I will also buy the chicken wire I need this morning at a hardware store.

Posted by petert at May 4, 2006 02:25 AM


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