May 07, 2006

Another long day angry about my work situation.

Long term unemployment carrys emotional scars that last a life time. As well the financial hardship is hard to bear. I spent the morning up from yesterday and I read a law book on how work is for low paid, part-time and marginalized workers. I send the government office that wrote this report my story as they were hoping to get Canadian public input. I then visited the government jobs web site. I may stand a not bad chance at two jobs still. one managing the security of a data base using SAS and another as a web master. Also I don't see why I should not get a job as a junior statistical clerk. I am maybe over qualified for this job but it pays 30K a year and I could use that just fine thank you. But I can do the web master job and that pays more. I don't think the process though will be fair as I have never had success being hired in the government. I just reviewed the web master application and there is one spelling error in my application.

I am thinking of quiting some of my other jobs soon. I am worth more than minimum wage. I am worth more than 17/hour for 65 hours in four months. All this work seems great when you don't have a job but I am getting tired of being kicked around. So all this to say I am at the end of another long day, angry, and tired and again a little more knowledgeable.

Posted by petert at May 7, 2006 05:40 AM


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