May 20, 2006

I started cleaning the air conditioner machine itself.

So you probably know how to solve a big problem by breaking it down into smaller problems. I had broken the air conditioner annual set up into two problems. One, I need to clean the machine and this was further broken down into two problems. The first of these sub problems was to clean the frame which is now done. And second part of the first problem was to clean the actual air conditioner machine. I started this second part of the smaller problem last night and this morning.

The second problem is to build a pigeon proof cover. This has been broken down into a design step and two building steps. The design step is almost done now with a common idea from mechanic and house handy person friend. I will use chicken wire pieces with spikes sticking up and staple the flat parts of the chicken wire to a plywood sheet. So the cover with the chicken wire are another part of the second problem. The final part of the second problem is half done and that is to build the structure that wraps around the air conditioner frame and supports and fastens the cover above the machine when it is in the window. On this structures' sides there will be some garden netting which I have bought now and this will keep the pigeons from getting inside and under the cover. So I need to build the cover and structure and then test it on the frame before I actually put the frame in the window. Then I will briefly go out on the balcony after the frame is in the window, and put the cover on the frame. Then I can finally put the machine in the frame and start it up. I plan to have this done in about a week from now just as it starts to get hot.

But back to the cleaning of the machine. I put on some old winter gloves and a dust mask to do this cleaning. I grabbed most of the old poop out and into a garbage bag. I then flipped the machine upside down in two ways and dumped the remaining poop on the linoleum floor. I then swept it up and into the bag. I have now thrown that bag out. I threw out the gloves too. I figure I still need to wipe the air condtioner machine clean with some cleaning fluid and also vacuum out the dust. I also have swept the floor now but need to mop it too before sleeping.

So this project in all its parts is happening. I am just surfing the net a little, up dating blogs, and organizing my coming week of work duties. I don't want to surf the internet right now too much because I need to sleep soon enough to get rested for my night shift work later today. I also have some shopping to do after I wake up and before I go to work. I am working until 7:00 AM tomorow then working again on Sunday at 7:00 PM.

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