June 05, 2006

I worked for one hour tonight and am now home setting up and using my new laptop.

I had set my office hours for 1 hour this afternoon. I went to the office but no students showed up. Instead I read for half an hour about the social design of ICT's. I then spent about 20 minutes setting all my tutorial and lab hours into my Palm. I also met with the instructor for one course and we budgetted my hours for the summer.

I am writing this on my new Macbook. I got it at noon today after napping. My partner woke me up when the delivery came. I was only sleeping lightly. I spent the first part of the afternoon installing software and will continue to do this now this evening. I also managed to pay for our good food box fruits and veggies. As well I sold an older mac computer to a father for his son who is learning programming. The money from the sale paid for our the good food box.

Posted by petert at June 5, 2006 07:53 PM


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