June 12, 2006

I spent the day at home.

I spent the day mostly at home. I did not remember that there was another Stanley Cup final game again tonight. I just turned it on after over hearing the game on my partners TV in the other room. Um hearing around corners? My partner and L are having some emotional support conversations in the other room. I am not really listening as I am concentrating on the hockey game now.

I set up and put together a workbench I bought for 20$ on sale and regularly it is 70$. I just need to tighten the bolts up and attach the wooden top. I also got the remaining plastic netting today. So I am ready to start the balcony pigeon cage which should keep the pigeons off our balcony. I am thinking of inviting R over to help me with the carpentry. I may do the carpentry outside our building in the side where I would be making less noise pollution than inside the building. I have made some basic measurements of the balcony and while on the train trip I drew a design. I will review the dimensions a bit tonight and may be make some more measurements

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