June 14, 2006

The graduation ceremony was excellent and we all had a good time.

My wife and my mother joined me at my graduation ceremony yesterday.

It was not long and boring and the Rabbi giving the convocation address was short and to the point. Although I joined the protest about his being a member of a group that considers homosexuality to be a disease. He is a doctor of psychology and a community voice for Jewish and in general religous tolerance. He spoke about looking inside ourselves as he was addressing the public affairs graduates. He was defining our faculty as outward focused. He attributed our efforts in studies, to trying to make a better world out there, but reminded us to keep our own inner worlds in good health.

I shook the Chancellors hand and told him I am disabled. I told him this because he has been exposed as saying negative things in the past about funding for people with disabilities when he ran for political office this past winter. I hope he knows we will be watching and reacting to defend our rights.

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