June 15, 2006

I cleaned for two more hours.

You might not believe this but previous to today there was cat fiscies on our dinning room floor in the cats litter area. I swept this up and removed the spill paper and threw this all out. I need to mop and then scrub this on my hand and kness still today. I also cleaned up the remaining cables from my recording weekend and put them in the orange bag I have for cables and microphones. Our landloard inspected today and we need to do some serious cleaning in the next two weeks or they will clean it for us and throw stuff out. I was able to throw out some old broken magazine racks and recycle almost all the magzines. We will have to pay for wall damage from the air conditioner and also carpet damage and tile damage. My partner's ACT team worker is supprting us in this clean up blitz. I was full of manic energy when I did this cleaning.

Posted by petert at June 15, 2006 01:15 PM


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