June 24, 2006

I had a job interview on Friday and am working a night shift tonight.

I slept at 2:00 AM this morning but just lied down after studying when our guests went home. I slept till 6:00 AM on the couch. I then took 6 mg of risperadol and went to our bed and slept until about noon. I have been up organizing my shedule and the budget and studying. I am now preparing to work a night shift tonight. I am also preparing some volunteering next week. I also have to make some phone calls for our self help group Annual General Meeting (AGM) coming up soon.

On Friday morning I had an interveiw to work for the government at an entry level job. This work would be full time evening shifts and this work would take us off the government income support. I have wanted to work in this government offce for years and I hope I get the job.

Posted by petert at June 24, 2006 02:56 PM


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