June 30, 2006

I spent six hours managing money and studying rather than working.

Today is pay day and, in fact, the government disAbility support office just called to verify some data they could not read on our fax to them from last month. I spent about 6 hours since I stopped marking doing money stuff. I also did a little quality control for the marking so not all six hours were lost from work. I am now waiting to hear about that government job. I am going to school this afternoon to help with some union business. I will sleep at about 8:00 PM tonight having had a 30 hour day. I will not have friends over tonight as R is going out with other friends to watch a movie. I am rambling and getting a bit wired or pseudo manic this morning after about 20 hours awake. This is my usual 20 hours awake state of mind.

Posted by petert at June 30, 2006 09:30 AM


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