July 03, 2006

Going out to buy our bus passes.

I didn't think anything was open today. I turned down working today because I am tired and I have a lot of marking to do in my teaching job. I have been up since yesterday at 4:00 PM so will sleep in a few hours for an early waking on Tuesday morning and plenty of sleep for the rest of today. I just checked the budget and I can buy bus passes and the bus pass office is open today even with the holiday Monday. I don't have any extra money but my wife would like some beer. I will also buy some brocolli for supper and my wife wants more green onions. I might also buy some zuccini. Yes, the whole bus route and trip is forming on my mind now. I will try to have some time on the bus for reading my PSP and listening to some Ginsberg poetry. I won't take my pack though I will try to go light and relaxed for my trip. I will go shopping at the hardware store for anything cheaper than 20$ that might be useful. I won't be buying those solar power panels or battery packs today. On Thursday I will buy my wife's media shelf.

I am putting my laptop away now.

Posted by petert at July 3, 2006 11:00 AM


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