July 05, 2006

We are not being evicted after our second inspection.

I was sleeping while we were inspected by the landlord this morning. My partner reported that the landlord's inspector said it was improving but there was still lots of work to do. Last night before sleeping I put together an Ikea shelf for my partner's CDs, DVDs and video tapes. It is very nice. The glass doored cabinet is not full yet but all her present entertainment is in this now. I also ended a long day cleaning the kitchen floor and washing the dishes ahead of the inspection.

Today I bought some photo's of our second day in the hospital with our child. These had been waiting to be developed for three years and we now have prints and a digital images on a CD. I also bought lots of toilet paper. I put together a bathroom shelf my mother had bought us. My mother is here cleaning the fridge out.

I am working tonight with some other disabled students while they write a test. I also have more marking to get done. But after tonight I am off work for about a week except for marking at home. I am really enjoying the summer weather and always like being around my mom and she says she enjoys visiting us. My partner just got in after the groceries she bought were delivered. My computer gadgets I got myself on the weekend as rewards to motivate my marking also arrived today.

Life is good, but I need to protest the Democratic Republic of Korea's missle launches, so am asking people in the peace movement if there will be an organized protest.

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