July 06, 2006

I am up mid afternoon after doing a lot of computing this morning.

I slept at about 7:00 AM this morning. I had this morning sent some emails to our self-help group to prepare for our AGM. I need to run for election again this year so sent in a biography. I also had to do a president's report. So those got sent out. I also did some marking this morning and will do more over night now. I am attending a local political meeting this evening. The meeting is being held near our place. I am bringing my laptop to this meeting as we need to do some work on files at the meeting. We will try projecting the laptop at the meeting.

I got the iBook, I sold, a battery and just gave that to the sister worker who bought the iBook from me. She also paid me back for the battery last week. She is also disAbled.

I am up getting ready for the night ahead and organizing my schedule and it is quiet here with my partner watching TV. I do not have any volunteering shifts this weekend or working except for the marking so I can concentrate on the marking this weekend.

Posted by petert at July 6, 2006 04:00 PM


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