July 14, 2006

I did buy a high definition cable box last night.

It was pay day yesterday. This was for working as a teaching assistant. I was slightly put off by the fact that some of my work at school was not covered by the cheque but instead of staying upset, paranoid, and speculating what had happened to this work/money, I called the office involved and made an inquiry. They said they did owe me the money and thus I rested my paranoias. They will look into this, and I should get this extra money on my next cheque, I would hope. So that is one solution for paranoia: communication with authorities, social workers, bosses, coworkers, etc. This communication should be to clear up issues and reality check feelings.

My partner was having one of her beer days. I decided to go out shopping. The digital terminals for high definition TV were on sale this week, so I decided to buy one. We do not yet have a high defintion TV but now we have the terminal with the signal. This digital cable terminal also does the normal TV digitial cable so we can have two digital terminals now at no increased subscription costs. The only cost has been this terminal last night. It took about an hour waiting on the phone with the cable company to get the terminal authorized to work. But it is working now. The remote control can also control the TV and the DVD player, as well as, the terminal and I have that all set up now.

I also bought some food after my partner made a list. I got us some fruit like grapes, organic bananas, and lemons. The lemons are for my partner to make tabuli salad, a Lebonese salad. I also bought lemonaid, yogurt, cottage cheese, and a specialty cheese my dad used to buy. I had a craving for this cheese in the store while looking at on sale items. I also bought some health food soups in one serving packages. I also bought mint, parsley and tomatoes for the salad.

I had been surfing the camping store coop web site on Wednesday night/Thursday morning and saw that a fanny pack was on sale. So I also went to the camping coop before the grocery store and bought one of these large fanny packs. These two stores are walking distance apart. But I took a bus to that neighbourhood and then back with the groceries. I carried some groceries in bags, some in the new fanny pack, and some in my old napsack.

I paid bills and credit, as well as, new shopping, so we are almost broke now until Monday. But we have food and entertainment. And because I went to a mall I strolled down a sidewalk, where a clothing store had a sale on pants and I bought a pair of jeans and a pair of black pants, I can wear while teaching, or at formal places, and both pair were 10$ each on sale. I put the jeans on in the store, because the jeans I was wearing when I went out were torn at the bottom. I am aware that because of having schizophrenia I need to make more of an effort at self care and part of this is wearing clean clothes that are in good condition.

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