July 16, 2006

Scheduling works well.

I am a bit behind on my schedule for overnight. I did use the schedule to hurry up my work and keep me motivated and got one Q done. I also used my schedule to limit my on-line chat time and my on-line gaming time.

I learned from a book last night something interesting. In knowledge work which is what I do when teaching and when studying, there are no time limits. Meaning one can continue to work forever to improve one's work. Thus one needs to set limits on work so one gets it done. This is perhaps why some people even people I know take some ten years to write their doctoral dissertation.

In Second life just now I learned about scripting and tried a little demo out. I did not spend any money. I will sign on to Second Life, again later this morning and try to attend a class or event with other avatars, meaning other real life people.

Posted by petert at July 16, 2006 03:00 AM


why do you insist on shredding so much?

Posted by: Garfuknkel at July 17, 2006 05:19 AM

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