July 20, 2006

Two bags of dung but I can't finish it.

I mananged to shovel up two large green garbage bags of pigeon dung and then stopped. I only cleared about a 1 X 2 foot area. The grey concrete is brown under neither the layer of dung. I am going to ask to pay for professional help.

Posted by petert at July 20, 2006 07:30 AM


That's rather extreme quantity for so small an area. To actually fill two garbage bags. That's about a square meter of shit. On a 1x2 foot space it would have to be about 4 feet deep. I don't believe it.

I also note that you've had over 11 thousand visitors. Way to go. In siz years I haven't come up with even 1000. Shit!

Posted by: Hugh Petrie at July 20, 2006 03:36 PM

Damn typo. Grrr!

Posted by: Hugh Petrie at July 20, 2006 03:38 PM

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