July 21, 2006

Work went well today, everyone at work was congratulating me on my new job.

I worked a good six hours today. Everyone was friendly at work. I told a lot of people that I was leaving this job and they wished me luck and congratulated me. I am working at this job next weekend for the last time before my new job starts.

My new job is regularly scheduled evening work. I think one factor that got me back into working and keeping a job was the flexible hours and ability to make my own work schedule in this old job. So I am slightly wary of this new job with regularly scheduled full time five days a week, 8 hours a day of work.

My boss at my old job allowed me to submit a leave of absence request rather than quit this job. This way if my new job does not work out, I can go back to the job I worked at today and can keep my pay rate. I have been working at this old job for five years so my pay has gone up five times. In fact, the rate of pay just went up again this month.

In my teaching assistant work my two supervisors have given me less work this week and next week. I really only have to give two more 1 hour labs next Wednesday. So I am having some stress free time off now.

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