July 23, 2006

The union meeting brought my working spirits up.

I am feeling good about being a worker after our union meeting yesterday. I am planning on studying up for my government job by reading about the government on their web site. I have no work until Wednesday and on Wednesday I give my last labs for my teaching assistant work. I will return the school books on Wednesday. I should also complete my health and safety work for the school this week.

I have some volunteering this week. I have an intensive services workgroup meeting on Monday where I am a consumer participant. The other members of this workgroup are professionals who give intensive mental health services to high needs consumers. There are also a few other consumer members of this work group and a family member. This is a government advisory workgroup. I also have board training for our self-help group on Thursday.

I have some more work in my old job on Friday and Saturday over night. Then I start my new job late Monday afternoon next week. I will then work five days straight. With both jobs, the one ending this coming weekend and the new one starting next week, I will work 64 hours in 8 days. It will be tough, but I am sure I can do it with my partners support.

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