July 25, 2006

I stayed up all night to study.

I managed a fair amount of studies overnight. Just the last few hours I added a list of books I have read in the 2005 to amazon.com. These were almost all school books. It will actually take two, 25 item amazon.com lists to list and write about all the books I read last year.

I also read some more books overnight including starting a book on social navigation of information space. I also chatted at yahoo. I also read some JAVA code from chapter 1 of a Java textbook for first year university. I also researched the public service a bit on the web. I also read a little more about gender and computing and what we can do as parents, teachers and just interested citizen's in helping restore the gendered digital divide. I sent a few emails over night to professors.

I just need to stay up a few more hours until the professional pigeon cleaner has done his job and then I can sleep at maybe 6 PM tonight. I can safely sleep until 8 AM tomorrow. I will have a union meeting tomorrow in the early afternoon. Then I will do some building inspection reporting before giving my last labs of my present teaching assistant career in the evening. I will be well rested for tomorrow's meetings and work. I then have Thursday off of work or volunteering. Then I am working on Friday's night shift and may be Saturday's as well.

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