July 26, 2006

I am having trouble building the structure alone.

I really need another person to help me with this fastening of boards. I managed to clamp two boards together, so I could fasten the wood together with screws in the L braces. So I got the end of the balcony covered. The main front side though requires that I put together two more pieces of wood. I have to do this above my head too. I can not reach up and put together the two pieces and screw them together at the same time. I may just take a break and then attempt a second time to clamp these pieces and then screw them in. After this the other two pieces to go together are on the ground and I can do these no problem. Then it is a matter of reattaching the netting. But I am almost done. I will take a break now, and try again in a half hour or an hour when my arms are rested. I may have to wait until R is free and he can come over and hold the boards for me. R is working at a new job today he found through the local clubhouse.

Posted by petert at July 26, 2006 08:06 AM


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