July 28, 2006

I have been at my desktop computer for many hours today.

I often just surf web pages on my desktop computer. Yesterday, I spell checked and corrected two other blogs I keep under my real name concerning school subjects. I have been having some crashes of my web browser on my Macbook and on my eMac. As well my firewire hard drive seems to be non functioning yesterday and today. No I just checked it. It seems back on-line. I will prepare to do some back ups for Monday evening and the end of the month. But I will be working in my new job Monday evening until 11:00 PM. I will be working on a computer at my new job which may be good for me. May be in this new work my computer skills will mean I can advance further in the world of work. I know this new job offers much chance for advancement. I haven't really been able to find advancement in my present jobs because they were part-time.

Posted by petert at July 28, 2006 01:43 AM


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