July 31, 2006

Home from work. 8 more hours worked. 4 days and 32 hours of work left. I am half way to my time off.

I did work at my new job. I can not really describe it as the work is confidential. I can say I worked 8 hours this evening and had worked 24 hours this past weekend in my old job. I can also say that I can do the work involved in the new job. My partner ordered pizza when I got home and it was so good to eat. She was able to sell four copies of her poetry book at a Schizophrenia Society of Canada self-help group picnic today. She paid for our pizza as a special treat for my first day at work. Both she and my mom stayed up late to talk to me when I got off work.

Posted by petert at July 31, 2006 11:57 PM


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