August 05, 2006

This blog was backed up just now.

Using each months entries on the month web view of this blog, a Word doc file has been created for each month and saved to the local computer here. These now need to be spell checked and then the pain staking process of spell checking this blog can be completed. This blog is over two years old now.

My oldest and first blog is three years old now and was started in July 2003 with my real name and is now my personal computer related blog. I also have other blogs for different themes such as a general school work blog, a radical school work blog and I have a few other blogs which get less frequent posts like one concerning my music and my partner's music. I have some other academic blogs that are updated less than once a month but concern more specialised themes of study.

I have wanted something like a blog to keep since early on in my web writing career when web diaries were such good quality web stites for self expression. This of course was before there were softwares for keeping blogs and I might believe before web diaries were called blogs.

Posted by petert at August 5, 2006 01:27 AM


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