August 07, 2006

I had to change my social get together night.

I had to change the night we get together. We used to get together on Friday evenings but now I work Friday evenings so the night will have to change to Saturday or Sunday now. I tried inviting friends over for Saturday but only R came by on Saturday. He brought The Lord of the Rings films and we watched the third and final film on Saturday night.

"We" in this case is people I have met at self help groups or through people I have met at self help groups. R lived in a supported housing program when he met me and became someone who was allowed into our apartment. When R and I first got together it was with one other felllow and we all drank beer. Then R and my partner and I would get together to play music and we played a couple of shows in pubs and cafes. Then we began a role playing game get together every Friday night. This is when I invited J over and he brought his partner C. I have known J since 1990 or so. I met J directly at the self help group. J is a real loner and only likes to be friends with women generally and is a bit of sexist. I shouldn't really say that about him but he like me is mischievous. He actually gets banned from some self help groups and programs because of his pranks. So I welcome him here much as the mission in our city allows people shelter, if they have been kicked out of group homes.

Lately I have been working a lot so this Friday night get together has not been happening regularly. Yesterday and the day before I bought some old Fisher Price play sets that I remember playing with as a kid. There are plans available on the web to make these old 1970's play sets into sets for role playing game miniatures. I might do some of these modeling projects. These role playing games are about fighting with guns and drug taking gangs etc. As well, these games are set in the near future where the world is more corporate and there is less social order. So these games play on street life that exists these days. Also there is an element of fantasy and also cyber space fiction. We have played this game with the four of us in the past with me playing narrator of the story in the game and I have spent a few hundred dollars buying the rule books, miniatures, paints, dice and some stories for this game. The game allows an excuse to invite people over.

Lately instead of the game we have been watching movies and tv shows together. So this is an artifiically created social space with only those with mental health issues being allowed to attend.

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