August 07, 2006

Mixing work and school in the new schedule.

In the past five years I have mixed working part-time with studying part-time. I am now taking up full time work but I also very much want to pursue graduate school. Thus I need to see if I can arrange a schedule for this and see if I can cope with this increased load of activities.

I want to see if I can work my 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM shift all week but be awake or wake up at 8:00 AM Tuesdays and 6:00 AM Thursdays. If I can test whether this is possible in the next few weeks, then I can study a course this fall while I work. The course is a prerequisite for the graduate school program in systems science. The course has lectures from 10:00 AM -11:30 AM Tuesdays and then 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM Thursday's. Thus I want to be able to wake up at 8:00 AM Tuesday's and 6:00 AM Thursdays. This would mean I would need to sleep as soon as I get home from work on Monday and Wednesday evenings. The added advantage is that I would have time between the class letting out and then having to go to work at 3:00 PM.

Posted by petert at August 7, 2006 01:05 AM


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