August 10, 2006

Strange perceptions at work. Work continues and lots of summer time volunteering ahead.

I have been having some strange perceptions that the 15 or so other people who also just started working at this job are known to me. Some seem so like I have known them before. This is now happenng less as I get to know them better. I have worked 7 days now. I have worked two full days this week including an extra three hours yesterday. I asked for next Monday off so I can attend our self help group's volunteer board of directors meeting and I was granted this day off. So this week and next week will only be four day weeks of work. I am volunteering this weekend but will only be on call not on location anywhere. I am also doing some teaching assistant work this weekend. Another possible task this weekend which is more of a hobby and does not have to get done is installing Linux on my new used Thinkpad laptop computer. I also am volunteering the next weekend after that in music. I am then volunteering the next weekend after that in politics. The first weekend of September I have off of volunteering except on the Monday, Labour day when I have promised to take my partner to the parade and party. Other than my remaining teaching assistant work this weekend I no longer have to work for money on weekends.

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