August 15, 2006

I worked again today and have 24 hours left to work this week.

I could not update this blog this afternoon before work for some reason. The posting editor would not show up on the web. I am now using a lot of moveable type blogs.

I was back at work today. Work went fine today. I got home at about 11:00 PM from work. I got my partner her meds and then updated my accounts by telephone banking.

I write down everyday's transactions from all my accounts and my credit cards. I write them in a loose leaf book with one page for each day. Every week in the book is a page, where on this weekly page I list the next weeks days and then the next weeks expenses and bills are detailed. Also I note pay days on this list of days for the coming week. I seem to manage our money with this system. It gives me advance warning of bills and money flows. I look forward with this system one month or two months and fill in details as they become available. I should though be making more of an effort not to get further into debit.

I working again tomorrow and then Thursday and Friday as well. This coming weekend I have some heavy labour volunteering as I tear down a stage used for our folk festival. I also might go to a volunteer party on Saturday night and play my bass guitar. This is my only volunteer work this weekend. My political convention volunteering shifts have been finalized today. This volunteering happens the weekend after this coming weekend.

Tomorrow I need to pickup my new used refurbished Thinkpad in the morning. At the same time I will take the bus with my partner to a local market, where she and her publisher will have a table and sell her poetry books all day. The department store, where I will pick up my Thinkpad ordered on-line, is in the same area of town. The local market usually only permits handmade crafts but have a one day exception to this rule that her publisher has become aware of and applied for and now it is happening tomorrow. I hope to be back home by about 11:00 AM tomorrow morning.

But I must stay up a little now and do some more marking but I will take my pills and proof read this entry and then relax a bit more before starting marking. I am getting sharper at remembering when I have taken my pills so am not risking double dosing or no dosing these days as much. I need to remember to buy some more vitamin C when I get back to our neighbourhood tomorrow morning at our local pharmacy.

Also my new work is giving me a more regular time structure to my days and as you probably know time structure is good for those of us with schizophrenia.

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