August 19, 2006

I am home and tired.

I worked again today for 8 hours. I relaxed a little after work with my new coworkers. I then came home and worked for about an hour on the new web site. I downloaded Dream Weaver yesterday to work on it. I did some computer files transfer to get the files onto my Macbook and to get some stuff printed like the pamphlet for the peer to peer support project. I will use some of this content to make the index page and the about page of the new site.

I am tired now and will rest up and relax until the union meeting this afternoon. I will then go out and volunteer. Therefore we need to eat supper early at 4:30 PM tomorrow. I should leave for the festival at 5:00 PM and get there about 6:00 PM for my volunteer shift starting at 7:00 PM.

Speaking of web work I got some pay from my other web master job today but need to photocopy the cheque before I can cash it. This is so I can report the income to the government disAbility support program as income earned. Soon I will no longer need to report income every month but instead just report it at tax time. Soon we will be off disAbility. I am looking forward to having more money. I am not really greedy I just want to be working full time and getting a decent wage. In terms of my new job my new coworkers seem to all agree that we are getting paid well at this job..

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