August 20, 2006

I am signing up for classes on Monday. I am working with a good sleep schedule this weekend.

I will work on Monday at 3:00 PM starting a five day 40 hour work week. I will again test my sleep schedule against a possible early morning course. This weekend volunteering worked out well. I slept at about 7:00 AM on Saturday morning but would have liked to stay up later. I was thinking all morning and the day before that I would be able to wake up on time for the union meeting on Saturday but I didn't. Instead I woke up at about 3:00 PM. I just made the bus to the festival and managed to go to the bank machine before catching the bus. I was an hour early for volunteering so I hope I left a good impression on my brother and sister volunteers. The really good thing about this weekend schedule is that I now have had a few hours at the computers and still can stay up until about 7:00 AM or 8:00 AM this morning. I will again wake up at 3:00 PM and go out and volunteer tonight. I will get home at 4:00 AM or so and have some more time at the computers or nap a little. A nap would be good on Monday morning because I will have to stay up until 11 PM and work 8 hours at the end of that day. I will also have time in the morning to go to school and register for courses. It will be my first time in the department and I will need to find out where this department has its offices on campus.

I decided to study the probability course and looking at the course description I already have studied this material back in 1999. In fact I am fairly comfortable with much of the stuff about random variables and adding random variables and even moments. I also know some of the work with maximum likelyhood estimators.

Another good thing about my present sleep schedule is that I can may be complete the registration in an hour and get home by 11:00 AM and nap until 1:00 PM with my partner waking me up for work that day. Otherwise if I don't nap at all I will have a 32 hour day by the end of work Monday. This will not be good for work but I will get my volunteering done and my school duties completed. I will be officially registered in graduate school and will be moving foward quickly with my education I will have switched schools and will still be a student and still be entitled to discounts on conferences, computers and software that have student pricing.

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