August 22, 2006

Working continues still no first pay cheque.

I continue to work this week starting my fourth week of full time work. I am set up to get my first pay cheque in the next two weeks some time and start getting regular pay cheques near the third week of September. Work is going well and the last two days seemed short. It is actually shorter than my 12 hour security work shifts that I used to work at these past five years.

I am concentrating on doing a quality job this week but last week I was concentrating on quantity. I can't go into detail about my work but I can say I am government clerk.

I looked at other government jobs but there is nothing suitable at present. I would hope to get a day shift by the winter or a different job. Some of these government jobs allow an educational leave.

Posted by petert at August 22, 2006 11:54 PM


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