August 24, 2006

Work plans for the rest of the week and the weekend.

Instead of working five days this week I have opted to take Friday off. I will instead do some politics and also sign up for graduate school on Friday morning. I will sleep later this morning and wake up later in the morning or actually early afternoon just on time for work. I will work Thursday's shift later today then stay up all night Thursday night Friday morning. Then I will sleep on Friday afternoon or early evening. On Friday morning I will register for graduate school and attend a political event before sleeping. Then wake up early Saturday and volunteer at the political event. Then have normal days but early morning days until Monday or Tuesday when I am back at work.

I had been writing this year about experiencing mania and psychosis when up long hours. I had taken some action to correct this sleeping pattern. This past weekend although I was planning on having a long day this did not happen. In fact, for the past week and a half back to about the 14th of August I have kept a fairly constant 16 hours awake and 8 hours sleep normal schedule. This is, in fact, not normal for anyone but just a supposed or assumed calculated normal sleep/awake cycle. No one actually does this. And, in fact, I did not do this exactly but I also did not have very many long long days or long sleeps. On Tuesday I woke up almost late for work but was, in fact, not late for work. But it was obvious to the first person I saw at work that day that I had just woken up.

I was more lazy this week at work. I tended to seek time off work this week culminating in my asking for Friday off so I could sign up for the school I was admitted to. If my job does not last I don't want to wait another year to start graduate school.

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