August 28, 2006

I just took my meds and am getting ready to call it a night.

I took my meds and am hoping to get tired in the next hour or two. I am working later today at 3:00 PM. When we got in from the family dinner my partner quickly fell asleep. I worked on my Linux laptop.

I then decided to go to a 24 hour pharmacy to buy more niacin because I was out of this vitamin. I also bought something for my partner and some shaving razors. I also bought a small bottle of hand sanitizer to carry with me in my pack. I also bought some pocket tissues. So runny noses, messy hands and two day old beards will all no longer be embarrassing. Self care, self care, self care, I repeat self care at 12 midnight.

Posted by petert at August 28, 2006 03:24 AM


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