September 02, 2006

Winding down after work.

I guess it is very normal to want to wind down after a week of work. It is great that labour unions in the past generations of human workers were able to secure us the working right to days of rest. I appreciate this time off to wind down and filter the events both out in the world and also in my studies and daily life. When I say filter what do I mean? I mean to think about these events and issues and dwell on them and then do something about them such as write about them. But actions can be a variety of things like this past week's getting to the doctors office for my annual physical. Or physical actions such as eating or using the bathroom. Self care would also be an action one could choose after thinking about the days events.

One typical example might be taken from the business news. A few years back when I was not working I was studying and using computers. I came across Linux being talked about in the green party and then the business news as investors invested in Linux companies. I tried out Linux and have now become a person who can install Linux on a computer. I use my present Linux computer for chatting at Yahoo because my Linux computer is not as prone to abuse as my windows computers are when they chat at Yahoo. But this past week I filtered thoughts of my new Linux laptop through ebay and bought some parts for it. This took daily action of watching auctions and paying for the winnings. So I thought about this computer. I also thought about shopping.

I have also for instance thought about my new web master job. But I did not think deeply about it until today, And it was only just this morning after getting off work and getting my banking done that I could visit the web site and update it. Now I am filtering this work in my mind. But some of this work like getting paid for this work is not a real concern of mine right now.

So thoughts vary and everyone is different with what we like to think about. My wife's thinking improved today and my approach to her strange innner world was educational today and positive.

Posted by petert at September 2, 2006 02:37 AM


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