September 06, 2006

Fairly manic and shooting my mouth off.

All nighters have their costs. I did get a portfolio for the conference this morning and am now getting ready to go to the plenary session which seems interesting enough. I am not going to do anything else. This is also sleep management that is new for me but trusted advice. I will not try to get things done in the rest of today that I haven't gotten done. I will focus only on getting downtown in a suit jacket and attending the conference.

I did attend the orientation session for the graduate program this morning and was welcomed by our director. It seemed at the moment very productive. I asked a few questions of the director. I explored the fancy new computer sciences building at the university. Then we toured the library and I borrowed two philosophical management books on systems theory. I came home to get a package from the post office and read one of the books while I walked around the neighbourhood.

The last hour at home I cleaned but only really tiddied up and washed some dishes. My partner is at her dentists. We are eating pizza tonight. I will sleep by 8:00 am.

Right now I am taking an extra 3 MG of risperadol to stop this mania. Then I am carefully not taking my full pack to the conference because my back has been hurting me. I am only taking my new conference portfolio. This portfolio will be my school notebook too and it does hold my textbook and a full 150 pages of paper for a notebook. My pack at the moment is the enemy.

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