September 07, 2006

Hardware store stuff.

Instead of buying the titanuium drill bits at 20$ I bought steel bits at 8$ because they were also on sale. I also looked at possible replacement cordless drills but none were on sale. I would like a Mikta drill because that is what we used at the National Theatre company. These are sometimes on sale so I will wait for that purchase. I bought two cheap CD's including a Monty Python recorded show. I also bought my partner some scotch tape. I bought some gray spray paint for plastics for my modeling work on the cyberpunk role playing game sets. I will spray paint some old 1970's Fisher Price play sets gray to resemble the gray world of the future cyberpunk cities. I also bought more garden netting and will put it up on the balcony before going to work this afternoon.

Posted by petert at September 7, 2006 01:34 PM


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