September 08, 2006

I started my homework for school this morning.

I worked out a problem in probability and typeset the solutions in LaTeX. I then printed it and will proof read this print out later today when I am awake again. I just took my last dose of vitamins for the day. I also took 6 mg of risperadol. I am going to sleep in the next hour.

I enjoyed the lecture yesterday. But I will have difficulty making it to lectures on Thursday mornings. I had planned for example to sleep last night at midnight as soon as I got home from work so I could attend more of the conference this morning. But instead I stayed up and will miss the conference. I can still do well with the course but not as well not attending the lectures. But I discovered from the textbook which I now have and the course outline that I already know all the material in this course. But because I almost failed a similarly titled course I am being required to repeat this learning. To do well with this course I will need to hand in assigments early though because the due dates are always Thursday mornings. I will also need to take the day off before the mid-term and the day of the final exam. I am really trying to do a lot which reminds me I need to check the email for the peer support project web site. I may wake up late today and not post an entry here again until after work or after midnight sometime Saturday morning. I think I won't sleep tonight and stay up into Saturday. I have a volunteer event in the morning Saturday. I haven't really prepared for this meeting Saturday but I still have time to prepare for it. I will really be good for nothing but reading books on Saturday afternoon. But Sunday is a day off for sure.

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