September 10, 2006

I am up late studying as usual.

I read some recovery literature about an hour ago. I read about a hippy who found recovery. I read his story. He had six years clean and sober when he told his story. He may now have about 18 years if he stuck with it. The book was written in the middle 1990's. I had been meaning to buy this book for years now and finally did buy it. In fact, the last two marjiuana recovery stories I read in this book were stories by hippies.

I also read some more of a systems theory philosophy book. I have now completely read the first chapter carefully. I am also watching NASA TV on my computer over the internet. I also proof read some homework as I work through my first assignment not due for a week and a half. I have completed a quarter of the assignment now 2 Q's out of 8 Q's.

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