September 12, 2006

Work is going well too.

Just when school is going well also work is going well. I have become as good at my new task as some of the workers who have been there longer. I am also keeping up with the workers who joined this section at the same time as me. So work is good too. I have French class tomorrow in the later morning. Then I have an hour off before work again tomorrow. Last night I slept right away when I got home from work. I did make my class this morning alright. So my morning probability class might still be possible. I need to sleep at about 1:00 AM tonight. My French class tomorrow is only at 11:00 AM. Tomorrow night I need to again sleep as soon as I get home at 11:00 PM. My probability class will be 8:30 Thursday morning. I can may be arrange with my supervisor to leave work early on Wednesday evening so I can sleep in time for my course. I may be able to start an hour earlier for this to happen. I will see how things go on Thursday this week. Then I may make some arrangements with my supervisor.

Posted by petert at September 12, 2006 11:55 PM


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