September 24, 2006

Pressures to get things done at home are less these days.

I was self conscious of the pressures I am under in my volunteering this weekend. But that was looked after on Saturday and today it will happen again. I am thinking of human relations both in volunteering and in working.

I am actually not having to work as much unstructured time anymore and this is good as you might know for someone with schizphrenia. I have fewer at home tasks than I did earlier this summer. I used to have to mark student's homework at home and this was a big pressure. I had to plan the time I would do this marking. But now all my work is at my workplace and it is limited to 8 hours a day. The only real tasks I have at home this weekend are some school work, some web work, and cleaning up. But of course I need to also prepare an application, resume and cover letter for a new position at work. I did review the job posting and the actual application form I began to fill out at work on Friday and I left it in my cubicle. I seem for the most part to be able to leave work at my physcial workplace.

Speaking of cleaning up... my mom who is always trying to improve me, said, that I must do good work in the working world. but don't seem to care for my home life much. The new book on decluttering gives me some psychological insights into what is going on here with my parents and our mess.

I have spent the last 12 hours on-line writing blogs, web window shopping for a a HDTV projector screen, and reading books and newspapers. I started my thesis writing a bit more this morning after reading some of the early systems theorists. I also did some private journal writing. I am going to do some furniture shopping in a catalog and more reading of Sue Kay's book now.

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