October 01, 2006

I went to an electronics store last night and got further into debit.

I did, in fact, start to buy a high definition TV last night. I have one picked out that is on sale and has the features I want. I browsed the stores web site for hours until I picked this model out. I then went to the store itself to actually see the TV working. The clerk in the store is someone I recognize now. He tried to get me to buy what I wanted plus even more stuff like cables that cost hundreds of dollars. I came home and tried to buy the TV at the stores on-line sale. First, I tried to buy the portable printer. The new credit card would not authorise, perhaps because I had not quite paid off the previous account with that store. So I bought nothing yet at this on-line sale. I plan this morning to use a regular credit card but must raise the limit on that card before I can do this, and for that I need to wait until the morning and the official days beginning in terms of the credit card company. So my debiting continues and might get very expensive this morning. I will then have to sell my 27" TV.

I bought a PSP movie last night and some blank CD's for data storage. I also bought some cases for PSP UMD disks. I also bought my wife a CD by the Beastie Boys. All this was paid for with credit too.

My present shopping goals include the TV, a new DVD player that will improve DVD's on the new TV (called upconversion technology), and a portable printer ( that is now finally on sale). This is a lot more stuff to fill our apartment and a lot more debit. Right now I am thinking that the only real thing that would get use is the TV. But the less expensive solution would be to purchase only the printer.

I also bought food using an overdraft.

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