October 05, 2006

I started to take omega 3 capsules.

There was a feature on the TV news about Omega 3 fatty acid supplments. I decided to start taking these. I bought some on sale and gave about a 50 day supply to L as well as she has bipolar depression. So I have a 50 day supply for myself as well.

I did stay up over night on Tuesday into Wednesday. I went into work at 3:00 PM and booked a sick day off work. I came home and slept. I am now up in the wee hours of Thursday getting ready for my morning class and then going to work this evening. My workplace has a mental health awarness week event today. They are having a talk at noon on depression and I plan to attend this talk before my evening shift today.

Posted by petert at October 5, 2006 05:03 AM


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