October 26, 2006

Guilt management of time and tasks.

I use guilt management to manage my schedule. I decided yesterday with my boss to book off early tonight at work so I could stay up and get things done this morning. I was feeling guilty about missing class on Tuesday. Who says people with schizophrenia don't feel guilt?

I plan three tasks now this morning. One I will attend class. In fact I will leave for class in the next half hour to forty five minutes. Then from school I will go to a suburban mall and buy a palm treo 600 usb cable. Then I will come back downtown and do a union chore. Then I will come home and get ready for work. I will change my clothes at that point and may be shower too. Then I will work for six hours. In the end my day will have been just short of a 36 hour day.

Over night I have managed to read a little from four school books and to solve two problems in my next school work assignment. I have also swept the kitchen flloor. I also made some cabbage, rice and cheese. I also listened to some music quietly.

Posted by petert at October 26, 2006 06:50 AM


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