October 29, 2006

I might have saved someone's life tonight.

I did one of those late night bus trips last night. I checked on the bus web site and found I could catch a last bus there and back to the 24 hour pharmacy. I was going there to buy niacin. I was in the check out line and an older Chinese Canadian was complaining that the pharamacist would not sell her some niacin pills and she could not afford a whole bottle. I didn't hear that she wanted niacin but heard her say she was going to have a stroke and needed some thing to reduce her colesterol. I suggested niacin is good for colesterol reduction and offered her some of mine. This is just what she wanted. She gave me a dollar and took about 14 pills from my bottle. She is a biochemist and we chatted briefly. Both of us needed to catch the buses leaving the mall. So did I save her life? May be at least I am friendly and share my material possessions. Am I a drug sales person or doctor who knows what pills work? Not really.

Posted by petert at October 29, 2006 03:31 AM


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