November 04, 2006

The old red chair is going out. It is by the front door and ready to go to the trash.

You may not know the significance of the red chair to popular science journalism. The red chair was a feature on the discovery Canada network. Many of my early internet wanderings were guided by the Discovery Canada network. As well as Discovery Canada, the magazine Internet World helped me learn the internet. I am now finally throwing out the red chair I had garbage picked years ago for it significance. I am rearranging my office and if I have time today I will be buying a new office chair on credit. The red chair is an arm chair that was also reminicent of my old college digs where we lived on old furniture in a 7 bedroom house known as Negation House. Young philosophy students are nuts in their own right. But what makes a chair or any object legitimately significant or delusionally significant? What is the difference?

Posted by petert at November 4, 2006 12:56 AM


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