November 07, 2006

I took the day off of work to study.

I have homework due every week now for four weeks in a row. I have had two or three weeks to work on this week's homework but really didn't start it until Saturday and Sunday. I decided I needed to stay home from work and get this done for tomorrow one day early. I might also complete next week's homework tonight. I went into work briefly to check email and talk to a senior boss about an upcoming course I have to take in public service work next week. I then asked my boss if I could take some vacation time today and she agreed. I came home and worked for the past three hours on my homework taking only a half hour break to watch Canadian news of the US elections. I could really get distracted from homework by the US elections tonight on TV. But instead after my break I went right back to completing the homework. I will finish this week's assignment in a few hours at this rate and start the next week's assignment. So I am treating my time off paid work as a full time school work day.

Posted by petert at November 7, 2006 06:02 PM


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